MetaSlider’s bringing out new slider themes – and they’re completely free!

MetaSlider’s bringing out new slider themes – and they’re completely free!

Metaslider’s good, but we’ve always seen its potential to give you so much more.

For the past few months, we’ve been working hard to develop a stunning new feature: professional slider themes. One click, and they will completely transform the look and feel of your images, so that they really stand out!

  • Choose from the themes that best match your website design. MetaSlider will launch with around 10 new themes, but will be continuously adding more with each new release!
  • Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can prereview your slideshow directly from the theme viewer.
  • Advanced users can programmatically apply a theme to their slideshows.

This is an example of ‘The Architekt’, just one of the brilliant new themes that will soon be launched on Metaslider. It’s clean, modern and minimalist, a great way to show off images on your website.  

We always love to hear from you; please use the comments section below to let us know what kind of style and themes you would like to see in the future.

These slider themes are scheduled for release this September. Be sure to visit UpdraftPlus and MetaSlider for further updates and information about MetaSlider.

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UpdraftPlus 1.14.13 Released

We are pleased to launch an updated version of UpdraftPlus 1.14.13 that now features lots of new helpful features, fixes and tweaks. Just some of the new features in the new update include a redesigned Premium page, a new backup / restore tab and multisite tweaks for UpdraftCentral’s plugin and theme module handlers. We recommend this update for all.

The full change-log for this release are as follows:

  • FEATURE: WP-CLI – add a ‘get_latest_full_backup’ command
  • FIX: An issue when deleting multiple backups could result in a backup set not found error
  • FIX: Polling during a backup when called from outside UpdraftPlus
  • FIX: Plugin activation check was running at the wrong point in the restore process
  • FIX: The WP-CLI “restore” command returned an unnecessary error if the incremental shim was not present
  • TWEAK: Multisite tweaks for UpdraftCentral’s plugin and theme module handlers
  • TWEAK: Prevent potential PHP notice on page load when no backup storage is selected
  • TWEAK: Add scoping to some CSS rules that were too general
  • TWEAK: A new “Backup / Restore” tab, which consists of backup status and existing backup with rid the “Current Status” tab and the “Existing Backups” tab
  • TWEAK: Remove the possibility of a false-positive warning of a migration-rather-than-restoration if the WordPress home_url setting has legitimate oddities
  • TWEAK: Improve UI of more database delete button (Premium)
  • TWEAK: Removed Gold column and redesigned Premium page
  • TWEAK: Improve UC factoring and introduce a UPDRAFTCENTRAL_COMMAND constant to allow context detection
  • TWEAK: Tweaked downwards the minimum time in the future for rescheduling a resumption
  • TWEAK: Deal with a possible issue in automatic collation selection in restoration when all character sets are supported and a collation is not supported
  • TWEAK: Replace absolute URLs in place of relative URLs in anchor links

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How to Protect your WordPress Website

Whether its is a simple blog or a billion-dollar enterprise, maintaining your site’s security and safety is hugely important. When your site goes down it can be a distressing and potentially expensive experience, causing untold damage to your reputation and business.

Keeping your WordPress site safe doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are just a few simple ways your can keep the hackers away.

Strong passwords are essential

An obvious one to start, but the most frequent way hackers gain access to your WordPress site is by using the most common password combinations. It is recommended that your password be a combination of letters, numbers and even special characters such as ‘!’, ‘&’ and ‘>’. This combination makes passwords much harder to guess than regular ones.

Two factor verification login

Two factor verification is a great way to add a physical layer of security to your password and login details. By downloading the Keyy plugin on your WordPress site and app on your smartphone you can even prevent against keylogging attacks by using scanned lock/key style cryptography. This method improves on other verification plugins as they use typed numbers, tokens or SMS, which are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Make sure you have a backup

Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your site.

That’s why you should always have an automatic backup plugin installed. By installing UpdraftPlus, you know that even if the worst should happen, you will always have a recent copy of your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes ready to access and use.

Limit login attempts

The default settings of WordPress allows users to make unlimited guesses when entering a password. No matter how good your password is, with unlimited guesses hackers can use sophisticated programmes until a correct guess is made. By activating a limited login plugin, you can limit the number of password guesses made before the login options lock and prevent continued hacking attempts.

Do not offer login hints

Even with limited login attempt, your password is still at risk if a site gives hackers password hints. These login hints can easily give a hacker valuable information and direction when it comes to correctly researching and guessing your password.

Hopefully your site will never suffer any of the problems mentioned above, but by installing the UpdraftPlus backup plugin and the Keyy two factor authentication plugin on your WordPress site, you can rest a little easier in the knowledge that you have a solid foundation of secur

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