How to use Advanced Custom Fields with WPML

How to use Advanced Custom Fields with WPML

The Advanced Custom Fields and WPML plugins have both proven to be very popular with WordPress users. At the time of publishing this article, the WordPress plugin repository shows 1+ million active installation for the ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ plugin. For such a popular plugin, it’s seems like WPML would make it a priority to provide a compatibility bridge for users – and now they have!

With Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) users can easily add meta box(es) to a post, page, custom post type and even categories. Meta boxes can be incredibly useful when you want to show additional information regarding the resource. 

If you are building a multilingual website in WordPress, you obviously want these ACF meta boxes to work efficiently on the translated versions of your post, page, etc. In this article, we show you the steps on how to configure and use ACF with WPML, as using both plugins together makes for a great experience as it integrates with the website seamlessly.


Once you have decided on building a multilingual website with ACF, grab a copy of the following plugins and install (but don’t activate) them on your WordPress dashboard. 

The ‘Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual’ plugin can be found in the download section of your WPML account page. After you have installed all 3 plugins, activate the ACF and WPML plugins. Keep the ACF Multilingual plugin deactivated as you will need to complete setting up WPML first.

WPML setup on the WordPress dashboard

After activating the WPML plugin you will see a notice on top of the page that asks you to ‘Configure WPML’.

Press this button and it will redirect you to the WPML setup page. Here you will find the default option is set to the language you selected at the time of WordPress installation. 

For this example, it is set to ‘English’.

Press ‘Next’ once done.

In step 2, you can select your secondary language. A user can select more than one option if they intend to display their website in multiple languages. For this example, let’s say you just wanted French as a secondary language. You would tick that option from the list and press ‘Next’.

For the third step, select the default setting and press ‘Next’. 

Complete the fourth step as per the plugin instruction. 

For the final step, add your WPML registration key and press the ‘Register’ button to finish the setup.

After finishing the setup, you will be redirected to the WPML setting page. Scroll down to the ‘Language URL format’ section and choose the URL format you want. 

We recommend choosing the first option – ‘Different languages in directories’, which generates SEO-friendly URLs for translated pages.

Now go to your plugin page and activate the ‘Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual’ plugin. This plugin does not have any settings to configure and should work quietly in the background.

Advanced Custom Fields with WPML

When using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) with WPML, you will want to show the same ACF meta boxes for both the primary and secondary languages. By doing this, it ensures a consistent functionality for both the backend and frontend. To do this, you just need to put translated content in the secondary language.

We will create a meta box for the primary language (English for this example), which causes the meta box to appear on the assigned page. 

After translating this page in our secondary language, the same meta box should now appear on the translated version of our page. 

Let’s take a look at this whole process in action…..

First, create a page called ‘About Us’ and publish this page. 

Next, head over to the ‘Custom Fields’ menu and add one meta box for the ‘About Us’ page.

Now go to the edit screen of the ‘About Us’ page, where this meta box should appear. Add some content in the ‘Our Aim’ field.

Next, you need to create the French version of this page. To do this press the ‘+’ icon under the ‘Translate’ column. This box is on right side of your edit screen.

You will now be redirected to the new page. Add the page title ‘About Us’ in French and publish the page. Reload the page and you should see your ACF meta box and also see original content of your primary language in textual format. You can now add a French translation for this content.

Note: The steps shown in this tutorial are performed on a fresh WordPress installation. If you are trying these steps on your existing site, then you might get a different result than is shown in this blog.

That’s it! You are now all set with the Advanced Custom Fields setup, with WPML functionality. 

If you have any comments or questions, we would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

By Sajid Sayyad

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Premium Gold – The newest addition to the UpdraftPlus premium family

We are happy to announce that the newest UpdraftPlus premium package has been launched and is now available for all our customers: Updraft Premium Gold.

Premium Gold is our biggest and latest 3 in 1 premium package (UpdraftCentral, UpdraftValut and UpdraftPlus) that offers the ultimate user experience, while providing massive savings on the overall cost. We have loaded Premium Gold up with lots of features and benefits – everything a busy developer or website owner could need for their WordPress backup needs. With Premium Gold, you no longer have to worry about hitting your storage limit in UpdraftVault due to the huge 50GB of storage that comes as standard, while you can now also add as many sites as you wish to UpdraftCentral.

UpdraftGold comes with the following features:

  • UpdraftCentral Cloud Unlimited
  • UpdraftValut 50GB
  • UpdraftPlus unlimited licences
  • UpdraftClone – 10 Tokens

If you were to purchase these features individually from UpdraftPlus, they would cost you $912. But thanks to the savings and benefits of Premium Gold, you can get all these individual features in one great package for just $478. This gives the user a saving of $434 – almost 50%!

As with the Enterprise premium package, Gold also comes with 10 free UpdraftClone tokens. UpdraftClone allows you to create a cloned test site instantly and directly from UpdraftPlus and forgoes the traditional migration process, allowing you to set-up a temporary test site with us in just a few clicks.  

We hope you enjoy and make use of the additional benefits our new Gold package has to offer.

Premium Gold is available for download now.

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UpdraftCentral release new update: Includes new export and translation features

The UpdraftPlus team have been working hard getting the latest updates out for users of UpdraftCentral.

The latest update for includes several new features, fixes and tweaks; including a change to export site settings and updated translations. We believe that these updates will help improve everyone’s experience of UpdraftCentral.

Export Feature

The new export feature is used to export UpdraftCentral sites that have been registered by the user. The export file also includes any relevant information associated with the sites and the current user such as site-meta and user-meta settings.

The feature can be very useful if the user plans to transfer or move to a different host or server. Instead of re-adding the sites one by one, the user now just needs to import this information using the import file and everything will be added automatically. This allows you to get back to using UpdraftCentral in next to no time, as you can now do these tasks in just a fraction of the time compared to when you had to re-add sites manually.

Update Translations

An enhancement to the updates module in which users can now automatically update any available translation updates for the chosen language on their remote websites. Users can also check the number of translation updates available and what are they (e.g. for plugins, themes or WP core).

The changelog for UpdraftCentral 0.8.7 is as follows. We recommend the update for all users.

  • * FEATURE: Add handler for the WP-Optimize remove table feature
  • * FEATURE: Export site settings and other relevant information
  • * FEATURE: Add the ability to update translations
  • * FIX: Fix WP-Optimize refresh tables feature
  • * FIX: Fix mass updates issues
  • * FIX: Fix a couple of issues found when searching websites
  • * FIX: Prevent PHP error if the “not authorised” form needs displaying multiple times on a page
  • * TWEAK: Controlled sites must now be running at least WordPress 3.4 (June 2012) (though, we strongly recommend updating anything you’ve got that is that old!).
  • * TWEAK: If localStorage.storage_set() fails, then try purging old data; also purge upon initialization
  • * TWEAK: Cache SQL results in UpdraftCentral_User::get_site_tags() to prevent unnecessary duplicate calls

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UpdraftPlus helps designer restore site after a theme skin change disaster

Following on from our recent blog, in which retired FBI agent Jerri Williams shared with us the story on how her site was saved by UpdraftPlus, we have some new customer feedback to share.

UpdraftPlus has spent years ensuring that we offer the best backup services to our users. We love hearing stories from people who use our plugin about how it helped avert disaster caused by hacks, plugin problems or theme issues.

Janet Reasoner recently contacted us to share the story of one such instance. Janet has been a consultant working in grant writing and fundraising for nearly ten years and has worked at and with nonprofit organisations for over 30 years. After having a lot of fun building her own company website, Janet decided it would be a great idea to branch out and start a second business offering simple WordPress sites for businesses and individuals.    

Janet stated that she “loves WordPress because it is easy for anyone to use and maintain.” While this may be true, there can be many issues waiting to trip up even the most experienced of designers in the website building process, as Janet discovered when she ran into an issue that many WordPress website developers are only too familiar with.

Can you tell us what happened regarding the problem that required you to restore your site using UpdraftPlus?

The first site I put Updraft on was a new site for a client that I am building using the Dynamik child theme. I knew that I wanted to experiment and that I needed a good backup system. As I was using the new version of Dynamik, I thought I’d try different skins. That didn’t work out as I planned and I nearly wrecked the whole site. I could have rebuilt the site, but Updraft made it possible to restore the site in under five minutes – much less time than it would have taken otherwise!

Do you have any idea the issue was?

The site had some very confused coding from the new skin that made it look awful. Plus I lost much of the design I’d worked on for hours.

How long did it take for you to restore your site using UpdraftPlus and was the process straightforward and easy to do?

It look about five minutes. It was super easy and straightforward. It was also very easy to set up and the instructions are, thank goodness, clearly written or edited by native English speakers who take the time to make sure everything is clear and readable. I actually no longer will use themes or plugins where the description has grammatical errors or is oddly written.

What advice would you give to other website owners who may be at risk (such as backup and security)?

Install UpdraftPlus on all your sites. It is so easy to use and I make sure that I carry out a backup before making any changes. I would recommend, after years of working on computers and having to rely on backups, that you also download the backup files to a thumb drive or external hard drive. Belt and suspenders!

As Janet’s story shows, even making a small change can potentially cripple a website beyond use. Without the proper backups all of her work could have been lost, forcing her to start rebuilding the site from scratch. We were happy to hear that the problems encountered when changing the theme skins did not result in lasting or costly issues. But without UpdraftPlus installed, this is often not the case.

With 2 million+ active installs, UpdraftPlus is one of the most popular and trusted WordPress backup plugins currently on the market. Download and install your copy today.

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UpdraftPlus release new update: Includes time-saving option to use existing local backups with UpdraftClone

UpdraftPlus have released the latest update for all our users that includes a host of new features, fixes, translation and tweak updates. As part of our drive to develop our services and continually improve on them, the newest exciting feature we have added allows users to use an already existing local backup (one that is not in remote storage) to create a clone in UpdraftClone.

This means that should you wish to create a new clone, the whole process can now be completed much more quickly as you no longer have to create a new backup of your site first. With this latest update you can now send one of your already existing backups to be cloned and skip straight to the sending stage instead. This feature will be of particular benefit to users that have a large site that could take hours, or even days to backup and shortens the whole cloning process; getting your clone running much sooner than might have been possible previously.

As well as these new changes, the latest update also come with several other updates to hopefully help improve your overall UpdraftPlus experience, including an Italian translation and the option to now delete old directories from the restore progress page.

The changelog for UpdraftPlus Free (1.16.15) and UpdraftPlus Premium (2.16.15) is as follows.

We recommend the update for all users.

  • FEATURE: Added the ability to use already existing local backups with UpdraftClone
  • FIX: Prevent PHP fatal error (regression) when WP_Filesystem credentials were needed and wrong ones were supplied
  • FIX: Issue where you could not delete old directories from the restore progress page
  • FIX: Issue where restore would not run over AJAX if wrong credentials were entered when WordPress requested filesystem credentials
  • FIX: Fix incorrect refusal to accept valid email addresses in the UpdraftCentral wizard
  • TRANSLATION: The Italian translation is now complete and supplied from, so can be removed from the free plugin zip (saves 424KB disk space – if your mother tongue is not English and you want to improve UpdraftPlus, take a look at:
  • TWEAK: Update UpdraftCentral theme module handler to support themes without a name header
  • TWEAK: Prevent PHP log notice when fetching available theme updates via UpdraftCentral
  • TWEAK: Add more scheduling options to the built-in list (you can still further add whatever other arbitrary options you like:
  • TWEAK: Abstract the code for handling maintenance mode to allow future improvements
  • TWEAK: Fix a potential wrong file path in an error message
  • TWEAK: If there is more than one Google Drive folder of the same name, now the selection is deterministic: the oldest one is always used
  • TWEAK: Infer phpseclib class path from the class name, instead of hard-coding it
  • TWEAK: Some lines that were meant to include HTML bold in the browser output had lost that effect
  • TWEAK: Add what entity caused the automatic backup to the logfile
  • TWEAK: Upon restoration, a couple of known plugin cache directories will be emptied to prevent serving up an intermediate page
  • TWEAK: Fix a bug in the “fail on resume” error-trapping logic which could cause it too resume too many times
  • TWEAK: Prevent a bogus error message being logged at the end of a successful direct site-to-site transfer
  • TWEAK: Add backup size information when hovering at the backup data buttons (excluding database button)
  • TWEAK: Allow the plugin to connect to account and activate Premium licence if no more UpdraftCentral Cloud licences remain and the user enables the ‘Add this website to UpdraftCentral’ option in the Premium/Extensions tab
  • TWEAK: During a restore send structured data to the front end. This is preparing the way for future UX improvements.

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