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10 Reasons to go Premium this Black Friday

If you’ve worked hard to build your WordPress website, if it represents your personal brand or what you do then it deserves the best. Give it a turbo boost this Black Friday with 30% off! 

1. Get Lazy Load

With Lazy Load, web parts load gradually / as they become visible to the user vs simultaneous loading of everything all at once. Your web pages load much faster as a result!

2. Preload key requests 

Recommended by Google to improve page load speed times, this feature works by telling the browser to load assets that users need, first (e.g. font files) making a tangible difference to web page load times.  

3. Delete unused images

WordPress creates multiple sizes of every image which can cause the uploads folder to become bloated. Identify images not in use. Delete them in a couple of clicks, saving disk space.

4. Advanced scheduling 

Get even more control over database optimization. Choose the specific time and day when tasks should run e.g. overnight (instead of ‘daily, weekly etc.’).  

5. Cloudfare Integration

WP-Optimize Premium integrates with Cloudflare, so there’s no need to clear the cache in the Cloudflare dash when posts or pages are purged by WP-Optimize. 

6. Multilingual, multicurrency and tax compatibility for the cache

Websites that transact in multiple currencies or are multilingual can experience problems when it comes to caching. Ensure that the right language and currency settings are displayed to the right user, at the right time with WP-Optimize Premium.

7. User per role cache 

Serve separate cache files to specific user roles! Useful if your website delivers different content to different user types. e.g. an e-commerce site that displays different content to resellers vs. consumers.

8. User specific cache

Serve separate cache files to individual users. Great for websites with personalised content e.g. Learning Management Systems. 

9. Power tweaks to WordPress and WooCommerce

Power tweaks remedy known performance issues in WordPress core and WooCommerce. One power tweak allows the WordPress postmeta table to be indexed. Another replaces a slow query in WooCommerce with two much more efficient queries. Websites that transact high numbers of orders stand to gain here!

WP-Optimize Premium supports WordPress Multisite and can even be ran from the WordPress Command Line!  

10. Premium Support

We can do more to support you than is permitted in the WordPress forums. We can access or take a copy of your site (minus the user data) to replicate any issues you may be experiencing. 93% of queries are responded to within 24 hours! Check out what others are saying about premium support on our parent company’s TrustPilot page!


Go Premium for 30% less until 28 November 2023

Enter the coupon code blackfriday30 at checkout, along with your details to get 30% off! Subscriptions renew at full price and you can cancel at any time under 'My account'.
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Below are a few answers to commonly asked questions.  Alternatively, ask your own question here.

Does my subscription automatically renew?

It does. Automatic renewal ensures that your instance of WP-Optimize doesn't lapse by accident, giving you continued access to updates and premium support. if you don't want to renew, you can cancel at any time from My Account

What’s included in my WP-Optimize Premium purchase?

Aside from premium features that speed up and improve the performance of your WordPress website, you'll also get access to new premium features, fixes and tweaks. The latest versions of WP-Optimize are always compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Stay subscribed to maintain compatibility with WordPress core. 

What's the difference between free and premium support?

WP-Optimize customers get premium support via email. If you need help, just fill out a customer support form and we’ll email you back. Free customers can ask for help in the WordPress support forum

What happens if I buy and change my mind?

We generally consider all requests for refunds, particularly if made within the first 10 days after purchase. If you’re experiencing a problem or to discuss a refund, please contact our friendly support team via the customer support form.

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