How to Protect your WordPress Website

Whether its is a simple blog or a billion-dollar enterprise, maintaining your site’s security and safety is hugely important. When your site goes down it can be a distressing and potentially expensive experience, causing untold damage to your reputation and business.

Keeping your WordPress site safe doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are just a few simple ways your can keep the hackers away.

Strong passwords are essential

An obvious one to start, but the most frequent way hackers gain access to your WordPress site is by using the most common password combinations. It is recommended that your password be a combination of letters, numbers and even special characters such as ‘!’, ‘&’ and ‘>’. This combination makes passwords much harder to guess than regular ones.

Two factor verification login

Two factor verification is a great way to add a physical layer of security to your password and login details. By downloading the Keyy plugin on your WordPress site and app on your smartphone you can even prevent against keylogging attacks by using scanned lock/key style cryptography. This method improves on other verification plugins as they use typed numbers, tokens or SMS, which are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Make sure you have a backup

Hacking, server crashes, dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your site.

That’s why you should always have an automatic backup plugin installed. By installing UpdraftPlus, you know that even if the worst should happen, you will always have a recent copy of your WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes ready to access and use.

Limit login attempts

The default settings of WordPress allows users to make unlimited guesses when entering a password. No matter how good your password is, with unlimited guesses hackers can use sophisticated programmes until a correct guess is made. By activating a limited login plugin, you can limit the number of password guesses made before the login options lock and prevent continued hacking attempts.

Do not offer login hints

Even with limited login attempt, your password is still at risk if a site gives hackers password hints. These login hints can easily give a hacker valuable information and direction when it comes to correctly researching and guessing your password.

Hopefully your site will never suffer any of the problems mentioned above, but by installing the UpdraftPlus backup plugin and the Keyy two factor authentication plugin on your WordPress site, you can rest a little easier in the knowledge that you have a solid foundation of secur

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Plugin & Theme Manager from UpdraftCentral

As part of our commitment to the continual development of UpdraftCentral, we are pleased to share with you an exclusive preview of our soon to be available and brand new theme and plugin manager feature.

In an attempt to make UpdraftCentral’s backup, update and management process quicker and easier, we will soon be launching an exciting feature that allows you to install and activate a chosen plugin on all your connected sites at once.

We are sure the plugin & theme manager will boost your productivity even further so be sure to check out the new feature, which we plan to be launch very soon.

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Happy Birthday, Keyy!

Happy Birthday, Keyy!

One year ago, our superhero 2-factor authentication plugin and app were born.

Keyy allows you to login without the faff of usernames and passwords. Just open the Keyy app on your mobile, point it at your screen and viola! You’re in.

Plus, because it uses RSA public-key cryptography, its security is second-to-none. There’s no vulnerable central database of the user profile and login details, there’s no risk of any of the usual password-stealing hacks (for the obvious reason that there aren’t any passwords to steal!). If you do lose your mobile, the digital key is safe with Android Keystore or Apple Keychain.

Keyy is an absolute dream to use, and (unsurprisingly), the reviews have been glowing. One guy wrote: “Someday, all who draw breath will use Keyy! This app is meant to be used by all mankind.”

And it’s true! If you haven’t yet experienced the wondrously simple login experience of Keyy, you’re missing out! It turns a chore into a pleasure. There’s something extraordinarily smug about a secure login that’s absurdly simple to use.

What could be better? Ah, we know: a special, birthday deal: get Keyy today, and enjoy 25% off with coupon code Keyy1stBirthday. Make Keyy’s first birthday one to remember: find out more

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Cybercrime Basics

Cybercrime Basics

We are hooked on the internet and demand to be connected to the digital world 24/7. Our reliance on the online world and willingness to divulge our personal information with websites creates unique opportunities for criminals to steal our data, an extremely valuable commodity that can be exploited for vast profit.

Many people fail to recognize just how much of a widespread issue cybercrime is and as a result, fail to sufficiently protect themselves against it. Every individual and business with an online presence is vulnerable.

Although cybercrime cannot be stopped entirely, we can still take important measures to prevent it, which is why the cybersecurity industry is now worth a staggering $120 billion, a figure only likely to rise over the next few years. Even free anti-virus software like Avast can help protect against malware threats, which is why every computer or mobile device should have it installed.

To learn more about cybercrime and the role it’s now playing in our world, take a look at the infographic below.

The article was written by Josh Wardini, a Community Manager at Webmastersjury.

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UpdraftCentral is now compatible with WP-Optimize

Manage lots of WordPress websites?  Want them all to run faster?  But no time to optimize them all?

We’ve made it so that you can control WP-Optimize from UpdraftCentral in order to make streamlining all of your website databases even easier and more effortless!

So you can now optimise all your websites all in one place at one time.

Here’s a preview of what it looks like.

We’re continually developing UpdraftCentral, and we’re committed to it being the world’s most advanced and easy WordPress multiple site backup, update and management tool.

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Have no SSL certificate and think you’re secure? Think again.

The online world is a dangerous place. Being aware of the risks and taking steps to mitigate them has never been more important, and we at UpdraftPlus are committed to helping all our customers to keep their WordPress websites safe and secure. That’s why we recommend that you have SSL.

What is SSL? SSL is at the heart of website security. It ensures that sensitive information such as credit card details, usernames and passwords are safe as they transverse global computer networks. Having an SSL certificate on your web server provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for both your website and for your users.

How does SSL work? SSL Certificates basically work by making sure that all traffic between the web server and the web browser is secure and can’t be intercepted. SSL uses something called public key cryptography, which involves two ‘keys’ (long strings of randomly-generated numbers)- one private, and the other public. A public key (known to your server) is available in the public domain and encrypts all sensitive information. With SSL, data sent by your website will be ‘locked’ with the server’s public key so that it’s encrypted and can’t be read if intercepted by a hacker or identity thief. It can only be ‘unlocked’ and decrypted by the server’s private key, i.e. its intended recipient.

Extra benefits? Aside from the obvious security benefits, SSL is invaluable for giving your customers peace of mind. Customers can tell when a web serves has an SSL certificate because the application protocol (HTTP) will change to HTTPs (where the ‘s’ denotes ‘secure’), and the address bar is either green or shows a little padlock (depending on the web browser). Seeing this provides assurance that you’re taking their security seriously- which is more important than ever these days.

What’s more, since SSL certificates are only given out to verified companies who’ve undergone robust identity checks, they reassure users and visitors that any website using it is genuine and legitimate. Demonstrating the trustworthiness of your brand improves conversion rates, motivates customers to return and increases the likelihood you’ll get recommended to someone else. SSL also has an SEO benefit: since it’s now a part of Google’s search ranking algorithm, being certified will boost your Google Ranking.

Next Steps: It’s important to purchase an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (like GlobalSign, VeriSign and GeoTrust). Once you’ve bought one, we recommend getting a plugin like Really Simple SSL to make its installation… really simple! It “automatically detects your settings and configures your website to run over https” so that all you have to do is sit back and relax. One last thing: before you install, it’s always a good idea to back up your website, just in case.


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