UpdraftPlus 2.16.1 (paid version) released

UpdraftPlus 2.16.1 (paid versions) has been released. The main changes in this release are a number of fixes to the brand new “Incremental Backups” feature from 2.16.0. Because of this, there is no corresponding free release (since the free version does not include incremental backups). The full changelog follows; but the short version is that it’s a recommended update for everybody!

  • Fix: Version 2.16.0 could write invalid or incomplete JSON when creating the manifest file on an incremental backup under certain circumstances
  • Fix: When restoring an incremental backup set via WP-CLI, the restore order could be wrong
  • Fix: If a very large UpdraftVault upload took more than an hour, then the token could expire without being refreshed
  • Tweak: Accept and parse the invalid JSON when restoring an incremental archive created on 2.16.0
  • Tweak: When running an incremental backup, the backup report would report the time taken to run the backup wrongly
  • Tweak: Make the logging on the state of zip extraction more fine-grained (at least every 100MB, 1000 files or 15 seconds)
  • Tweak: Re-factoring of zip extraction code to allow for future improvements
  • Tweak: Re-factoring of the restore routines to share more code between different entry points, and allow future improvements
  • Tweak: Differentiate between failures to JSON-decode an incremental backup manifest file and other types of failures

David Anderson (lead developer)

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Quiet launch of major new feature… incremental backups

Yesterday we did a quiet beta launch of one of our most anticipated and major new features for UpdraftPlus premium – incremental backups.

This revolutionary new capability means you can now backup the files that have changed on your website, rather than create a new backup from scratch every time.

Please do try it out and let us know what you think.  If you find any issues please report this to our usual support channels and we’ll work on making updates ASAP.

We’ll be shouting about this launch more loudly in January as it comes out of beta.


Your UpdraftPlus Christmas present…

… is coming. It’s a biggie. At the start of the year, we internally set two things as our “big ticket” feature items for UpdraftPlus backups in 2018. One of them was UpdraftClone, which we accomplished the launch of (and having been adding to since) a few months ago. Now it’s time to complete all the work on the other. We’re very close… it’s all coded, and there are a few tweaks to make their way going through testing before the release, our next release…

What, you wanted to be told what your Christmas present was before it’s time to open it? I’m sure that’s not how it works. You may have a pretty good idea if you’ve followed closely during the year…

David Anderson (lead developer)

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UpdraftPlus 2.15.5 released

We are pleased to announce an updated version of UpdraftPlus 2.15.5 that features new tweaks.

As part of the update, we aim to send clearer messages to users who have downgraded from the unlimited package to a smaller package and are receiving confusing licencing server message, despite their site not being connected for updates.

We recommend the update for all UpdraftPlus Premium users.

  • TWEAK: For Premium users with grand-fathered lifetime updates (i.e. purchased before August 2013), a regression had caused support entitlement expires to no longer be notified
  • TWEAK: For Premium users with who have downgraded from unlimited licenses to another package, a licence expiry message could show when in fact the real situation was that they just needed to specifically allocate a licence to the site. The relevant message has been adjusted to improve this.
  • TWEAK: Track “more files” incremental backup locations
  • TWEAK: Don’t show individual add-ons that have not been bought in the account add-ons page if the user has Premium.
  • TWEAK: Include the raw updates check response information in the internal/advanced dump
  • TWEAK: Added the UpdraftClone video

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UpDraftPlus 1.15.3 (free) is now released

A new UpdraftPlus release is out now! This new version introduces many new features, fixes and tweaks and gives users the brand new option of being able to turn-on automatic-updates for UpdraftPlus. Once selected, the plugin will download and install every new release through WordPress as soon as it becomes available. This means that users will always have the most current UpdraftPlus automatically installed to work with the latest WordPress release, so you will never have to manually check the plugin yourself again.

Another tweak we have added which we are sure you will appreciate is the db-dummy restore option to WP-CLI. This tweak will allow users to test a database restore before going through with the real thing. This lets users evaluate if their hosting will cause any issues when trying to restore, before the actual restore is performed on the live site. This removes the risk of having a database issue and potentially being left without a website when trying to fix it.

The full changelog for this release is below; but the short version is that we recommend the update to everyone.

  • FEATURE: UpdraftPlus now has an option to auto-update
  • FEATURE: Azure for Government endpoint support (Premium)
  • FIX: SSL verification settings were not allowing verification to be turned off for generic S3 storage
  • FIX: In some situations in which a user had defined UTF8 as their character set but WordPress was using UTF8MB4, UpdraftPlus was not detecting this
  • FIX: Prevent particular a SQL text pattern wrongly triggering detection of database features when it is within content
  • TWEAK: Marked as supporting WordPress 5.0
  • TWEAK: Automatically re-scan for presence of database backup after restoring it, to prevent confusion over its status
  • TWEAK: Change logic that controls whether the minified or full JavaScript is used
  • TWEAK: Improve Settings tab UI on mobile
  • TWEAK: Improve UpdraftClone UI
  • TWEAK: Improve UpdraftClone temporary page UI
  • TWEAK: Change method used to record the MySQL version to deal with how MariaDB can report when using a non-MariaDB client library (see: https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/issues/9062)
  • TWEAK: Replace Base64 encoded logo by image file
  • TWEAK: Hide guided tour on UpdraftClone
  • TWEAK: Fixed broken automatic backup modal layout
  • TWEAK: Auto rescan after restoring the remote database
  • TWEAK: Explicitly set the backup history option to not autoload, as it can get non-trivial in size
  • TWEAK: Improve UI of excluding things from the backup
  • TWEAK: Prevent a possible PHP debug notice in methods/backup-module.php
  • TWEAK: Show progress in browser view port instead of modal dialog when we delete the backup(s).
  • TWEAK: Added a –db-dummy-restore option to WP-CLI which will run a dummy restore of the database (under an unused prefix) and then drop the tables after it finishes. This option can be useful for testing.
  • TWEAK: Update the UpdraftClone UI when site information becomes available
  • TWEAK: Curl errors when interacting with Backblaze B2 will now be passed up for easier debugging
  • TWEAK: Re-factor add-on remote storage credential testing to make passing debugging information easier
  • TWEAK: Implement non-default SSL options with Backblaze B2 (previously the defaults were always used)
  • TWEAK: UpdraftClone: redirect to admin page after using the auto login link
  • TWEAK: Improve internal more files backup location tracking
  • TWEAK: Send a single request to download a backup set not for each file entity
  • TWEAK: Fix a DOM element whereby multiple nonces had the same id
  • TWEAK: Automatically build the more files backup location tracking on local rescan

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UpdraftClone update now allows users to login via SSH

UpdraftClone update now allows users to login via SSH

You all know by now that UpdraftPlus are committed to continually developing and improving the services and features of our plugins. Despite UpdraftClone only being released a few weeks ago, we are thrilled to announce that we have already released a new update in the form of users now being able to login via SSH in the browser.

This update means that from today, once you boot up any new clones that you have created, you will find a SSH login link in your account clone list.This new feature gives you more control over your clones and allows you to login via SSH in the browser.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Be sure to visit UpdraftClone for further updates and information.

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