Cyber Monday Sale Extended – Get 20% off WP-Optimize with code: cm22wposale

Cyber Monday Sale Extended – Get 20% off WP-Optimize with code: ‘cm22wposale’. Hurry, you can redeem this offer until 12 December 2022.

We’ve made improvements to the user interface, improved compatibility with other plugins and released nifty new features you can take advantage of.


So, what’s changed recently with WP-Optimize?

Keep your cache size under control

You can now schedule the automatic deletion of expired cache files, so you can keep the cache size under control and save disk space on the server. 

Improve page speed load times with WebP 

Reduce the size of images on your site by 25% – 34% (compared to JPEG and PNG) with the WebP image format. Improve page load speed and your SEO score. Convert your images to WebP in just one click with WP-Optimize. 

Serve cached content to some user roles

There may be times where you need to serve different content to different user roles. Your product or pricing information may be different for different customer types, for example. Or you may wish to restrict access to content for some user roles e.g. to members or non-members. The possibilities are endless.

“Why WP-Optimize Premium?”

Multi-site support

Configure multiple sites easily by importing or exporting settings

Load webpages faster with Lazy Load

With Lazy Load, images and videos load gradually as they become visible to the user. This allows a page to load much faster compared to the simultaneous loading of all web parts, without affecting the user experience.

Detect and remove unused images

Just hit “Scan website for unused images” and WP-Optimize will present you with all images that aren’t attached to posts or pages. Delete individual images or select ‘delete all’ for a one-click, proper clean out.

Cloudfare Integration

There’s no need to connect to Cloudfare to let your users see the latest changes. Integration with Cloudfare means you can purge Cloudfare cache directly from WP-Optimize.

Advanced user power tweaks

This advanced feature improves performance by targeting specific weak points, either in WordPress Core, or in popular plugins.

Multilingual, multicurrency and tax compatibility for the cache

Websites that transact in multiple currencies or are multilingual can experience problems when it comes to caching. This feature ensures the right language and currency settings are displayed to the right user, at the right time. 

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