We are happy to announce that today we have release EUM version 7.0.1.

The main change in this version is we dropped using Rest API for our settings page and back to using Admin ajax as with our previous versions (Except 7.0.0)

The main reason for the change is that plugins that does a redirect also redirects the call to REST API endpoints and resulting in error loading our settings page.

For example, the qTranslate plugin may redirect your site URL depends on your setting. Meaning that If you choose to add language code to your URL depending on your users’ language selection, it results in redirect REST API calls as well.

Though We have fixed the issue with provided filter by qTranslate, We afraid that the issue has a larger scope than just one plugin. So we decided to switch back to using admin ajax and releasing an update.

Apart from this major change, we have fixed excluded users issue (who can still access settings page), and enabling log from advanced tab makes `General` tab unusable issue. Additionally, we have removed anonymous usage tracking code.

Here is the changelog:
* FIX: Enabling Log from Advanced tab does not use default options
* FIX: Plugin settings page is not accessible for excluded users
* TWEAK: Changed settings page to use admin-ajax.php instead of REST API
* TWEAK: Removed the usage tracking code (which was always explicit opt-in)

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