What savings can I expect to make?

This is a “how long is string?” sort of question. It depends completely on your site – how big it is, how many users interact on it, how long it has been running, and when you last optimised it. However, the savings and speed-ups can be substantial; it is always worth making sure that your database is optimized.

How often should I perform Optimization?

This is very difficult to say as every site is different… Keep an eye on the Table Information tab and you will see how the data usage grows over time. Select an appropriate schedule based on your own site. There is no one size fits all in the is case.

Why we don’t Optimize InnoDB Tables

The process for optimizing InnoDB tables before MySQL version 5.7 is, at default, ineffective as it essentially rebuilds the entire table. However MySQL version 5.7 or greater or MariaDB is fine as this is resolved and not affected. We know some hosting companies have a configuration that will allow for correct optimization before 5.7 but that’s few and far between. However, we have implemented an override option for the user as long as they are aware of the risks.