WP-Optimize 3.2.16: Improved Compatibility with Other Plugins

WP-Optimize 3.2.16

The latest version of WP-Optimize is now compatible with even more of your favorite plugins. For both the free and premium versions of WP-Optimize we’ve improved compatibility with:

  • All In One SEO We’ve added compatibility with WP-Optimize’s minify feature. This feature helps save space by reducing the size of your HTML, CSS and Javascript files.
  • Custom Permalinks is now compatible with our cache feature. With caching, users who visit your site are served local, static copies of your site’s files leading to huge improvements in page loading times for a faster, more efficient website.


The following improvements apply to WP-Optimize Premium:

  • WP-Optimize Premium now correctly detects banner images within Elementor and is able to optimize them effectively.
  • YITH Point of Sales is now also compatible with WP-Optimize Premium. Plugin point-of-sales pages are able to function correctly.
  • Lazy Loading can now be enabled with Smart Slider 3 without disrupting how images are displayed.


Finally, we’ve made a number of fixes that apply to both the free and premium versions of WP-Optimize:

  • Users were previously seeing a PHP warning or non-fatal error when converting to WebP where race conditions occurred. This was caused by the same script being executed twice, and has now been resolved.
  • Database responsiveness has been improved; exceptionally large databases can now be processed more effectively.
  • If WP Optimize is uninstalled, files and settings created by the plugin are automatically removed or reverted.


For a full list of tweaks and fixes, please see below:


* FIX: HTML minify should not remove title tag added by AIOSEO

* FIX: Premium – Fetching unused images data is incorrect when previous task queue is not properly unlocked

* FIX: Premium – Unused Images – Recognise Elementor background images

* TWEAK: Premium – Prevent conflicts between the minify feature and the YITH Point of Sale for WooCommerce plugin

* TWEAK: Premium – Compatibility issue with Smart Slider 3


Fast, efficient website optimization

WP-Optimize helps you to boost the performance of your WordPress website. It will shrink your database size, compress large images, clean up spam and unapproved comments, report on database tables with overhead and wasted space, and cache your site. The result is a leaner, faster, more organized website. Our Premium version includes enhanced functionality such as multisite support, sophisticated scheduling options, and is compatible with campaign tracking queries like UTM tags. If you think WP-Optimize could be the right solution for your website, you can learn more

WP-Optimize release latest 3.2.1 update

The latest update for WP-Optimize 3.2.1 has now been released. As you can see from the list below we have been hard at work making changes, and as such – this latest update comes with a huge number of tweaks and fixes. As part of the new update, we have made changes so that WP-Optimize helps improve the performance and user experience in some very important areas of your WordPress site, including caching, image compression and minifying. 

Try out he new and updated version of WP-Optimize today and see the difference.

  • FIX: Apply different image compression levels
  • FIX: Cache – Purge WooCommerce product page after stock update
  • FIX: Database errors after adding a new site
  • FIX: Flatsome theme compatibility with google fonts
  • FIX: Image compression advanced settings, display default backup days instead of empty value.
  • FIX: Image compression was not working when the image extension used capital letters
  • FIX: Premium – Cache – Potential PHP error in User-specific cache
  • FIX: Premium – resolve potential admin-area PHP error if the deprecated mailchimp sync plugin and MC4WP plugin are both active (and potentially other situations where a plugin deactivates another)
  • FIX: Premium – Unused images – compatibility with PHP 8
  • FIX: Premium – Unused images – issue with parenthesis in name
  • FIX: Premium – Unused images – Pagination count doesn’t update
  • FIX: Prevent a PHP notice when using with UpdraftCentral
  • FIX: Save prioritize maximum compression setting correctly
  • FIX: Wrong redirect when wiping settings on multisite
  • TWEAK: Premium – add review link at bottom of settings
  • TWEAK: Force monolog/monolog and psr/log versions to retain PHP 5.X compatibility/satisfy wordpress.org SVN hooks
  • TWEAK: Add compatibility with Kinsta
  • TWEAK: Added functionality for to convert MyISAM to InnoDB
  • TWEAK: Add filters for minify input string
  • TWEAK: Cache – Added filter to modify cache exception urls
  • TWEAK: Cache – Optimize preload from sitemap
  • TWEAK: Cache – Serve different versions based on cookie consent
  • TWEAK: changed filter to prevent deprecation notice in php 8.1+
  • TWEAK: Decide automatically whether to inline css or not based on file size
  • TWEAK: Fix typo in text domain name
  • TWEAK: get_hurl function minified.
  • TWEAK: Improve clarity of debug message when DONOTCACHEPAGE constant is used
  • TWEAK: Improve DB UI/UX on multisite
  • TWEAK: Improve minify cache size messages
  • TWEAK: Making Estatik plugin compatible
  • TWEAK: Minify – Add JS translations support
  • TWEAK: Minify HTML only on cache pre-loading
  • TWEAK: Port from previous semaphore classes to Updraft_Semaphore_3_0
  • TWEAK: Premium – Unused images – Show that there are images in the trash without having to re-scan everything
  • TWEAK: Prevent a PHP notice when downloading image compression log file. Fix backup modal styling issue.
  • TWEAK: Prevent fatal error in gzip settings when stylesheet could not be fetched
  • TWEAK: Short-circuit trivial case of nothing in the buffer when page-caching, to involve any possible other issues
  • TWEAK: Update comments count after trackbacks and pingbacks deletion
  • TWEAK: Update minified asset when the enqueued scripts and styles version change
  • TWEAK: Use proper constant of includes path in user cache extension

WP-Optimize release latest updates

The latest updates for WP-Optimize 3.1.4 have now been released. We have been working hard on these improvements for a long time, but the latest update comes with several updates that will help improve overall compatibility and performance.

Some of the updates to WP-Optimize 3.1.4 include the following:

  • Improved compatibility with Elementor
  • Possibility to defer all the minified files
  • Automatic purging of Cloudflare cache (Premium)

With the ‘Automatic purging of Cloudflare cache (Premium) update, users can save time by connecting a Cloudflare account directly to WP-Optimize. Any-time the cache of a post or page is purged, the cache for that post on Cloudflare will also be automatically purged. This means that there is no need to connect to your Cloudflare account for your visitors to see the latest version of your pages.

We will also shortly launch an all new update with WP-Optimize 3.1.5. This upcoming release will include the following features:

  • The possibility to change who can purge the page cache and minified files (Premium)
  • Revamp of the admin bar “cache” menu for better access and clarity
  • Optimizing tables will not longer get ‘stuck’ when one table times out

The updates, as well as many others will be released shortly. Be sure to keep an eye out for 3.1.5 from WP-Optimize.