Reduced My Database Size from 500MB to 60MB

I inherited a WordPress server with multiple websites on a MySQL 5.6 database sized at over 500MB. Most of the space was in around 200,000+ spam comments no one had been monitoring or removing. I used some plugins to automatically clear much of the junk, then manually deleted what wasn’t caught by the tools. Unfortunately, without a tool to optimize the databases they remained bulked up. WP-Optimize had good reviews, I imported the SQL from the cleaned-up VM, and have run WP-Optimize a bit more, and we’re under 60MB for the entire database size. Works beautifully!


I’ve been using WP-Optimize for 3 years. I’ve also used a lot of alternatives, but after using WP-Optimize, I never ever thought of deleting it. I highly recommend this plug-in. Thanks for the development! ?

Luke Cavanagh

Have used it on many sites, for removing post revisions, draft posts and expired transients.
Very handy tool to have. Highly recommended.

Douglas Karr

As a long-time user of WordPress, we sometimes iterate through so many themes and plugins that the database becomes ridiculously cluttered. Great tool for maintaining and optimizing a clean installation.


I have used just about every cache plugin out there as I have OCD speed issues!!! WP-Optimize WOW!!!! WooCoomerce site homepage with 120 requests and 2MB page size. Loading time prior activation 3.8 seconds Loading time after is 1.1 seconds 🙂 Awesome work all….