Keep Your Database Fast & Efficient

WordPress’ most popular optimization plugin with over 700,000 existing users.
WP-Optimize automatically cleans up and optimizes your WordPress database.
It’s a simple, highly effective tool that removes all kinds of old revisions, spam and trash with just a couple of clicks.

WordPress’ most popular optimization/clean-up plugin with over 600,000 existing users, WP-Optimize automatically cleans up and optimizes your WordPress database without the need for phpMyAdmin.

It’s a simple, highly effective tool that removes all kinds of old revisions, spam and trash with just a couple of clicks.

Is your site fast and fit or sluggish and slow?

Get it into shape in seconds with WP-Optimize!

Your WordPress database stores everything you need for your website – plus many things you don’t need. Old versions of edits, spam, trash and unapproved comments quickly pile up and wasting valuable space, leaving your database bloated, slow and eventually unfit for purpose.

WP-Optimize is a simple, highly effective plugin that solves this problem in seconds. It clears out unnecessary data and cleans up your tables, making them lean, fast and thoroughly optimized.

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What can WP-Optimize do?

Free and Premium Versions

Database cleaning


Your WordPress database stores everything that you need for your website – plus many things that you don’t. WP-Optimize clears out all of this unnecessary data, cleans up your tables and even retrieves space lost to data fragmentation. This is the first and most basic step to a fast & efficient website. Incredibly simple to use, it automatically cleans out:


Clean up auto draft posts

Stale post revisions and post trash


Stale unapproved, spam and trashed comments

Akismet and other stale metadata from comments

Trackbacks and pingbacks

Transient Options

Space lost to data fragmentation

Image Optimize


WP-Optimize also has an image-compression tool that uses cutting-edge lossy compression techniques to convert large images (which take a long time to load up) into compressed files saved in your image library, where they can be uploaded in an instant.

It enables you to compress PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP and TIF pictures and it’s packed with other useful features, including:


Auto-compress function

Automatically compress images as they’re added to the site

Bulk compression

Allows you to compress multiple existing images at the same time

Intelligent, multi-pass lossy compression algorithm

Gives you twice the compression with much less loss of resolution

Restore originals’ function

Allows you to retrieve or revert back to your original images at any point


EXIF data-keeping

Image information is retained even once the image is compressed

Compress big files function

Allows you to compress images up to 64MB- much higher than any other plugin

What are the additional benefits of Premium?

Multisite Support

Optimize any site (or combination of sites) on your WordPress Multisite or network

Choice and Flexibility

Choose from a number of advanced options, like the ability to optimize individual DB tables

Remove Unwanted Images

Remove orphaned images and images exceeding certain size limits from WordPress sites


Sophisticated scheduling system to make regular routine optimizations whenever you prefer

Logging and Reporting

Send log messages to three additional locations: Slack, Syslog and Simple History

Premium Support

Get your specific queries addressed directly by our experts

Run from WP-CLI

Run optimization commands directly on command-line with detailed output on screen

Lazy Loading

Make your site run faster by only loading parts of a web-page when it is visible to the user

Optimization Preview

Preview, select and remove data and records available for optimization from the database

What people say:

This plugin does what it is made for. After first run my blog sites in the complete MU installation gained up measurable speed and performance. Issues of pages stalling during loading disappeared. I run it regularly now and I am very happy with it.
Douglas Karr
Douglas Karr
As a long-time user of WordPress, we sometimes iterate through so many themes and plugins that the database becomes ridiculously cluttered. Great tool for maintaining and optimizing a clean installation.
Luke Cavanagh
Luke Cavanagh
Have used it on many sites, for removing post revisions, draft posts and expired transients.Very handy tool to have. Highly recommended.
I’ve been using WP-Optimize for 3 years. I’ve also used a lot of alternatives, but after using WP-Optimize, I never ever thought of deleting it. I highly recommend this plug-in. Thanks for the development! ?
I bought a wordpress theme and in the theme notes it mentioned I should install three free plugins if I want to increase my web site’s speed and performance. Those listed were: WP-Optimize, W3 Total Cache, and EWWW Image Optimizer. I left all settings as default. They are AMAZING! My wordpress site went from painfully slow to an above average speed on loading pages!!!
This very useful and simple plugin. WordPress data bases could be huge because of garbage they keep. This plugin helps to keep data base reasonable size. Thank you for creating and maintaining this plugin.

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