How to configure automatic WebP conversion

WP-Optimize now offers automatic conversion of JPG and PNG images to the WebP format during image compression.

To configure automatic WebP conversion, navigate to WP Admin -> WP-Optimize -> Images. You’ll find the WebP option under the Image Compression tab.

WP-Optimze WebP settings

The WebP serving method (either htaccess redirection or AlterHTML) is auto-detected and applied by default. However, if you need to choose a specific method, you can enforce the use of the AlterHTML method by hooking into the wpo_force_webp_serve_using_altered_html filter. For example:

add_filter(‘wpo_force_webp_serve_using_altered_html’, ‘__return_true’);

FAQ for “No WebP conversion tools are available on your web server”, in case you get this error.

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