About Us

We are the team behind three major WordPress plugins UpdraftPlus, WP-Optimize and All-In-One Security (AIOS). Our plugins are currently installed on over 2 million WordPress sites and tens of millions of downloads!

WP-Optimize is our brand that will keep your database fast and efficient.

The Team

Joe Miles

Business Strategy Director

David Anderson

Lead Developer

Ashley Porter



Ashley Porter


Support & Testing

Bryle Crodua

Bryle Crodua

Technical Support

Ashley Porter

Dee Nutbourne

Developer and Technical Support

Ashley Porter


Technical Support

And a host of others (web design, accounts, cups of tea, etc., etc…)

Our Values


Our aim is for WP-Optimize is to “just work” – elegantly and effectivly. To do this, it needs a solid foundation. Advances in features must not be through “quick hacks”, but through a base that can support users and all the different things they want to do for years ahead.


We never hear from the vast majority of our users on any of our plugins; they “just work” for them. But, where users do have issues and questions, we’re committed to timely support provided by our knowledgeable software engineers rather than by drones who are just following a script.


For years, WP-Optimize has pioneered unique features in WordPress database optimization, such as automatically cleans up and optimizes your WordPress database without the need for phpMyAdmin.

The WP-Optimize Story

WP-Optimize is a world-leading WordPress database clean-up plugin, with tens of millions of downloads (from wordpress.org), and over 2 million active installs.

Since December 2016, it has been owned and run by UpdraftPlus, the creators of the world’s number one WordPress backup plugin. WP-Optimize was created by Ruhani Rabin around 8 years ago out of the desire to simplify the optimization process, removing the need for creating tedious, technical and time-consuming manual requests. With WP-Optimize, users benefit from a plugin that automatically frees their databases of old webpage revisions, spam and trash, clearing valuable megabytes of space to ensure that websites run at optimum speed and efficiency. The plugin quickly proved popular, and enjoyed glowing reviews. Eventually, Rabin decided that he lacked the necessary time and resources to carry out all of his ambitions for WP-Optimize’s expansion and was grateful for UpdraftPlus offer of an acquisition.

After acquiring the plugin, the team at UpdraftPlus committed itself to increasing WP-Optimize’s pace of development, giving it a new breath of life by making improvements and adding features that would further enhance its capabilities. Their latest release of the plugin already involves a complete re-factoring of its internals, a modernised and solidified foundation for future improvements.

This, however, is just the beginning. Ultimately, UpdraftPlus is committed to ensuring that WP-Optimize goes from strength to strength, and that it remains the best and most popular way to automatically optimize WordPress website databases.