What is WordPress database optimisation?

What is WordPress database optimisation?

Speed and performance – these are the key principles on which websites are always judged. While what you put on your site matters too, it’s more subjective. Speed and performance are a little more universal. WordPress is a powerful platform but if you neglect the...

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WordPress maintenance tasks to perform regularly

Have you ever noticed your website not performing as it used to when you first launched it? Do you know that there’s a high chance that your website is vulnerable to security threats that you are not even aware of? Both of these scenarios can be scary for you as a...

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WP-Optimize 3.2.16: Improved Compatibility with Other Plugins

WP-Optimize 3.2.16 The latest version of WP-Optimize is now compatible with even more of your favorite plugins. For both the free and premium versions of WP-Optimize we’ve improved compatibility with: All In One SEO We’ve added compatibility with WP-Optimize’s minify...

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Keep Your Database Fast & Efficient

WordPress’ most popular optimization/clean-up plugin that is trusted by almost 1 million WordPress sites.

WP-Optimize automatically cleans up and optimizes your WordPress database without the need for phpMyAdmin.

It’s a simple, highly effective tool that removes all kinds of old revisions, spam and trash with just a couple of clicks.

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