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WP-Optimize is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that cleans your database, compresses your images, caches your website and minifies.

Trusted by 1 million + users, it optimizes the speed of your WordPress website, contributing to improved SERP rankings, faster UX and more conversions.

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Clean the database

Your WordPress database stores everything that you need for your website – plus many things that you don’t…

DetailsDetails of the Database optimisation feature


Compress images

Optimize images and keep your page load time low.

DetailsDetails of the Image optimisation feature


Cache your pages and speed up your WordPress site dramatically.

DetailsDetails of the caching feature

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Make your site load faster by compressing the code (e.g HTML, CSS and JavaScript) without altering its functionality.

DetailsDetails of the Image optimisation feature

Cleans the WordPress database

WP-Optimize clears out unnecessary data resulting in a speedier, more efficient WordPress website for you and your users.

Clean-up and optimize

Cleans-up database tables, trackbacks, pingbacks, transients, post revisions, auto draft posts, trashed posts, spam, trashed comments and more. Choose what you clean up or click once to optimize it all.

Schedule clean-ups

Schedule clean-ups so you can set and forget. Choose from daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. 

Database statistics

See the size of each database table, how many records each one contains and the size of the overhead to be cleared.

Retain data during clean-ups

Tell WP-Optimize to retain a set number of weeks’ data during clean-ups, just in case you need to retrieve something.

Back up before clean-ups

It’s a simple checkbox to back up before clean-ups. If you delete something you shouldn’t, restore it in a couple of clicks with UpdraftPlus.

Premium only:

Flexible clean-up schedules

You may wish to optimize database tables more frequently than you remove unapproved comments (for example). Choose the specific time and day when tasks should run (instead of ‘daily, weekly etc.’).  


Choice and flexibility

Choose from a number of advanced options, like the ability to optimize individual database tables.


We’ve included tweaks to optimize slow queries in WooCommerce, the WordPress postmeta table and more.

Optimize images

Lossy or lossless compression options

Choose between maximum space saving, best image quality or somewhere in-between. 


Check a box and every new image you upload will automatically be compressed to your preferred lossy / lossless settings.

WebP conversion

Recommended by Google, WebP can achieve up to 34% smaller file sizes compared to JPEG and up to 26% compared to PNG. 

Bulk compression

Compress every existing image on your site with the press of a button.

Restore original

Gone too far? Revert images back to their original in one click. 

Retain EXIF image data

Check a box to retain EXIF image data during compression.

Premium only:

Delete orphaned images

Identify and delete unused images from your WordPress website, saving disk space.

Delete unused image sizes

WordPress creates multiple sizes of every uploaded image causing the uploads folder to become bloated. Scan for image sizes not in use and remove them to save further disk space.

Lazy load

Helps web pages to load much faster! It does this by loading web parts gradually / when they’re needed vs simultaneous loading of everything, all at once. 



Caching is the process of storing a temporary version of your site locally so it can be retrieved by the user in an instant. It’s a sure-fire way to ensure that web pages load at lightning-fast speed.

Turn on caching in just one click

WP-Optimize automatically detects and configures itself optimally for your WordPress site. Turn it on in one click or refine settings if you prefer.

Cache preloading

This clever feature means users receive a cached version of your site even if they haven’t visited before, improving page load times from the very first visit.  

GZIP Compression

HTML, CSS and JSS are delivered to the user’s browser as smaller, compressed files, reducing the size of pages and style sheets by up to 90%! 

Serve cached content to logged in users

Turn this on if content stays the same for logged in users (or turn on and exclude URLs where content does change e.g. my account areas).

Advanced exclusion roles

Exclude content by URL, conditional tags, browser agent strings or list cookies that should prevent caching when set (advanced user settings).

Device-specific cache

Serve separate cache files to different devices. Useful if some of your content is delivered to mobile or desktop devices only. 

Browser cache

Instructs client browsers to reuse resources (HTML, CSS, JS) if no changes were made since the last request.

Premium only:

User specific cache

Serve separate cache files for individual users. Useful for websites with personalised content. 

Cache purging permissions

Select which user roles are allowed to purge the cache, from admins, editors, authors, contributors or subscribers.

User per role cache

Serve separate cache files to specific user roles. Useful if your website delivers different content to different user roles e.g. subscribers. 


Minify in just one click

Minifies HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Toggle on or off or customise each one under ‘settings’.

Customise minification

Minify only (removing unnecessary code e.g line breaks and white spacing) or minify and merge. Apply the same or different settings to HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Asynchronous loading

Choose non-critical CSS and JavaScript files to load in the background and independently of other resources e.g. analytics or pixel scripts. Loading asynchronously eliminates render blocking and improves web speed. 

Exclude files from being minified

Specify CSS and JavaScript files to exclude from minification.

Optimize fonts

Optimize Font Awesome and Google Fonts. Inline the font files, inherit from CSS settings or load asynchronously from CSS or JavaScript.

Preload assets

WP-Optimize visits each web page on your site so the code is minified and preloaded for real life users, right from their very first visit.

Premium only:

Preload key requests

Recommended by Google to improve page speed times. Critical resources (things like font files) get loaded first, so the page loads much faster.


What are the additional benefits of Premium?

WP Optimize Premium Features - rocket illustration

Multisite support

Optimize any site (or combination of sites) on your WordPress Multisite or network

Premium support

We can do more to support you than is permitted in the WordPress forums. 94% of queries are responded to within 24 hours. 

Multilingual compatible

This makes caching work smoothly if you use multiple languages or multilingual WordPress plugins.

Geolocation caching for WooCommerce stores

If you run an international WooCommerce store, you need this. This feature ensures that the correct, country specific cached content is served to your customers e.g. correct currency and tax information. 

Run from WP-CLI

Run optimization commands directly from the WordPress command-line.

Cloudflare integration

Integration with Cloudflare means there’s no need to clear the cache in the Cloudflare dash when posts or pages are purged by WP-Optimize.

Logging and reporting

Log events in Slack or in the syslog (in addition to email, in the PHP error log or in the WordPress database). 

What people say:

“Very Useful Plugin. It cleans up the database and the tables from removed plugins. Image optimization work extremely well too. Thanks for a great plugin!"

“Great and extremely easy to use. I really appreciate the way the plugin is designed. And most importantly, it works! Thank you so much!

“Excellent Plugin that serves its purpose well. This WILL improve the performance of your WordPress website."

“I've tried every popular optimization and acceleration plugin. Only WP-Optimize worked flawlessly. WP-Optimize gives real results. And the support is actually there and willing to help.."

“Works great! I have been using it for a while now with no issues."


Comparison of Versions




Included in free:

+ Database cleaning
+ Site caching
+ CSS and JS minification
+ Image compression
+ WebP support
+ Auto optimize database
+ Automatic clean-ups
+ Displays database table statistics
+ Mobile device friendly
+ Enables/disables trackbacks and comments
+ Retains a set number of weeks data during clean-ups
+ Automatically cleans up auto draft posts
+ Enabled for administrators only

Premium only:

+ Multisite support
+ Advanced optimization options
+ Remove unwanted images
+ Optimize individual tables
+ Scheduling
+ Enhanced logging and reporting
Multilingual and multi-currency compatible caching
+ Cache compatibility with tracking queries (utm_*)
+ Premium support
+ Power Tweaks
+ Preload key requests 
+ Automatically purge Cloudflare cache

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