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Our newly-launched Premium version of WP-Optimize offers users a range of enhancements and extended features that make a good thing even better.

It also comes with our fast and personal support service if you ever have problems.

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Comparison of Versions




Included in free:

+ Database cleaning
+ Site caching
+ CSS and JS minification
+ Image compression
+ WebP support
+ Auto optimize database
+ Automatic clean-ups
+ Displays database table statistics
+ Mobile device friendly
+ Enables/disables trackbacks and comments
+ Retains a set number of weeks data during clean-ups
+ Automatically cleans up auto draft posts
+ Enabled for administrators only

Premium only:

+ Multisite support
+ Advanced optimization options
+ Remove unwanted images
+ Optimize individual tables
+ Scheduling
+ Enhanced logging and reporting
Multilingual and multi-currency compatible caching
+ Cache compatibility with tracking queries (utm_*)
+ Premium support
+ Power Tweaks
+ Preload key requests 
+ Automatically purge Cloudflare cache

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*Currencies accepted: United States Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling 

What are the additional benefits of WP-Optimize Premium?

By cleaning up your WordPress databases, compressing your image and caching your pages and posts, WP-Optimize Premium ensures that your websites are ultimately lean, fast, neat, stable and robust.  Our newly-launched WP-Optimize Premium version offers users a range of enhancements and extended features that make a good thing even better.

Multisite support: WP-Optimize Premium will optimize any site (or combination of sites) on your WordPress Multisite (Network) installation.

To maximise security, Multisite support comes with an additional lock-down system to limit the management of optimizations to super-admin only.

If you manage a Multisite WordPress installation, you will need WP-Optimize Premium version.


Choice and Flexibility: The unmatched power of our WP-Optimize Premium version gives users the ultimate freedom, choice and flexibility.

When added to a Multisite WordPress installation “Super Admin” users can select one or a combination of over a dozen optimization options, which can either run straight away or at a particular scheduled date and time or on a extremely flexible repeating schedule. These options also include the abillity to optimize individual tables.

Scheduling: WP-Optimize Premium has a new sophisticated scheduling system allowing admins to make regular routine optimizations at any time of day, day of the week or fortnight or on a particular date each month.

What’s more, users can also pre-schedule any number of single or combination optimization processes.

All this means that optimizations can be performed at lower visitor times or following content addition and updates, for example.


Logging and Reporting: In today’s complex world of multiple plugs, themes, php versions and differing hosting platforms, it’s vital for site Admins (and Super Admins on Multisite installs) to have a deep understanding of changes to the installation.

WP-Optimize Premium enhances and extends the standard logging routines, adding 3 separate locations for log storage for ultimate flexibility:

  • System Log – log messages to the system log.
  • Slack – log messages to Slack an appropriate channel.
  • Simple History – log messages to the simple history WordPress plugin.

Remove Unwanted Images: Our WP-Optimize Premium version has a new optimization process that removes orphaned images from WordPress sites.

It also extends and enhances image optimization by removing images that exceed certain size limits, thus reducing the footprint (and cost) of your server(s).

Premium Support: get any specific queries you might have addressed directly by our experts.