What happens if a cart is abandoned?

If a cart is abandoned after the contact has entered their email address but not completed the payment, we may contact them via email during a short period afterwards to remind them to complete the checkout, unless they opt-out. This is under the GDPR provision for marketing for legitimate interests, based on the expression of interest in purchasing.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, WP-Optimize Premium subscriptions can be upgraded at any point of the billing period.

To upgrade, log into your account and make a fresh purchase of the package that you wish to upgrade to. Then, add the relevant upgrade coupon at checkout.
The purchase will be discounted by the cost of the original order

Below are the coupon codes when upgrading from a license subscription:

  • fromstarter – upgrading from the 2-site Starter package
  • frombusiness – upgrading from the 5-site Business package
  • fromdeveloper – upgrading from the 20-site Developer package
  • fromultra – upgrading from the 100-site Ultra package

Is this plugin compatible with multisite?

Yes. If you have a WordPress Multisite install (and you’ll know if you do – it’s fiddly to set up), then you need WP-Optimize Premium. If an optimization plugin has not been particularly written for WordPress Network usage, then it will be insecure – it will allow every blog admin on the network to do operations on the entire network. With our WP-Optimize Premium, only “super admin” will have access to optimization operations.

Are there any bugs?

WP-Optimize is always undergoing improvements and developments and is therefore always considered ongoing work; it is impossible to rule out unforeseen situations and bugs. So we would recommend you to test WP-Optimize out on your local system and always make a backup of your database

How can I purchase improvements for WP-Optimize?

The base WP-Optimize plugin is free, and fully functional (it is not “crippleware” that hamstrings you unless you pay). If you want extra features, then you can buy WP-Optimize Premium, which includes all additional functionalities, plus upgrades and support for one year. If you choose Premium, you can get it conveniently and easily in our shop.