Is this plugin compatible with multisite?

Yes. If you have a WordPress Multisite install (and you’ll know if you do – it’s fiddly to set up), then you need WP-Optimize Premium. If an optimization plugin has not been particularly written for WordPress Network usage, then it will be insecure – it will allow every blog admin on the network to do operations on the entire network. With our WP-Optimize Premium, only “super admin” will have access to optimization operations.

Are there any bugs?

WP-Optimize is always undergoing improvements and developments and is therefore always considered ongoing work; it is impossible to rule out unforeseen situations and bugs. So we would recommend you to test WP-Optimize out on your local system and always make a backup of your database

How can I purchase improvements for WP-Optimize?

The base WP-Optimize plugin is free, and fully functional (it is not “crippleware” that hamstrings you unless you pay). If you want extra features, then you can buy WP-Optimize Premium, which includes all additional functionalities, plus upgrades and support for one year. If you choose Premium, you can get it conveniently and easily in our shop.