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Turbo boost your WordPress website with WP-Optimize Premium

Unlock new ways to speed up and optimize your WordPress website with WP-Optimize Premium. Features like lazy load and power tweaks to WordPress core and WooCommerce give your site the turbo boost it deserves.

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 1-2 WordPress websites

Product updates and premium support



3-5 WordPress websites

Product updates and premium support



As many sites as you wish

Product updates and premium support

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Basic Features

The following features are included in the free plugin which you can find on the WordPress directory:

Clean-up database tables and more.

Schedule clean-ups so you can set and forget.

Compress images to your preferred lossy / lossless settings.

Convert images to WebP. Achieve up to 34% smaller file sizes.

One-click caching.

Reduce the size of pages and style sheets by up to 90% with GZIP.

Minify in just one click.

Configure to your preferred settings.

Discover the perks of Premium

Includes everything in the free plugin AND…

Lazy load

Helps web pages to load much faster! It does this by loading web parts gradually / when they’re needed vs simultaneous loading of everything, all at once.

Preload key requests

Recommended by Google to improve page load speed times, preloading key requests works by telling the browser to load assets that users need, first (e.g. font files) making a tangible difference to web page load times.

Delete unused images

Identify and delete orphaned images from your WordPress website, saving disk space.

Delete unused image sizes

WordPress creates multiple sizes of every uploaded image causing the uploads folder to become bloated. Scan for image sizes not in use and remove them to save further disk space.

Power tweak – Turbo boost for WooCommerce sites

E-commerce sites that transact high numbers of orders stand to gain here. Unique to WP-Optimize, this power tweak boosts performance by replacing a slow query in WooCommerce with two much more efficient queries.

Power tweak – Boost performance by indexing the postmeta table

This power tweak works by allowing the WordPress postmeta table to be indexed. Without an index, MySQL has to evaluate each table row, slowing down the query, impacting performance.

More flexible clean-up schedules

e.g. you may wish to optimize database tables more frequently than you remove unapproved comments. Choose the time and day when tasks should run (instead of just ‘daily, weekly etc.’).

User per role cache

Serve separate cache files to specific user roles. Useful if your website delivers different content to different user roles e.g. subscribers.

Advanced cache purge

Automatically purge cache on a given page when another page or post is updated. This will ensure that any linked content (e.g. products or pricing displayed on your homepage) is updated and served to your users.

Multilingual compatible

This makes caching work smoothly if you use any multilingual WordPress plugins eg. WPML

Geolocation caching for WooCommerce stores

If you run an international WooCommerce store, you need this. This feature ensures that the correct, country specific cached content is served to your customers e.g. correct currency and tax information.

Get more logging destinations

Log events in Slack or in the syslog in addition to email, in the PHP error log or by storing recent entries in the WordPress database.

Cache purging permissions

Select which user roles are allowed to purge the cache, from admins, editors, authors, contributors or subscribers.

Run from WP-CLI

Run optimization commands directly from the WordPress command-line.

Cloudflare integration

Integration with Cloudflare means there’s no need to clear the cache in the Cloudflare dash when posts or pages are purged by WP-Optimize.

Premium support

We can do more to support you than is permitted in the WordPress forums. 94% of queries are responded to within 24 hours.

Multisite support

Optimize any site (or combination of sites) on your WordPress Multisite network.



I have used WP-Optimize since it came out and then switched to try and find something better. After being burned by a big name plugin, I came back to WP-Optimize again. It has grown and matured very nicely. I am switching all of my clients over to WP-Optimize.


From the moment I installed WP-Optimize, I noticed a significant improvement in my website’s speed and overall performance. The plugin’s ability to optimize and clean up my WordPress database is truly remarkable. It effortlessly identifies and removes unnecessary data, spam, and unwanted revisions, thereby reducing the database’s size and making it much more efficient.


Frequently asked questions

How many sites can I install WP-Optimize on?

The free edition of WP-Optimize can be installed on any number of single site installations.

When you purchase WP-Optimize Premium you can install onto any number (limited to the number of licences you purchase) of single or multisite WordPress installations.

How do I install WP-Optimize Premium?
  • Download the WP-Optimize Premium from the link in your confirmation email, or from your account page here.
  • After downloading the file, log in to your WP admin dashboard, then go to Plugins->Add New

    Add New Plugin

    …and then press the “Upload Plugin” button near the title at the top of the page…Upload






    N.B. If your web hosting is configured with a small maximum upload limit, and WordPress says that the plugin could not be uploaded because it was too big, then you can first install this plugin, which extends WordPress’s plugin uploader with the ability to handle files above the configured PHP upload limit. Alternatively, you can install it manually instead: i.e., 1) Unzip the zip file on your computer 2) Use FTP to transfer the resulting directory “wp-optimize-premium” into wp-content/plugins (so that it becomes wp-content/plugins/wp-optimize-premium).

  • After the plugin has uploaded, press the link to activate WP-Optimize Premium.

  • If you have the free version of WP-Optimize already installed on your website, you don’t need to worry about anything as it will be automatically deactivated. You also will not need to install the free version to make WP-Optimize Premium run.
How long will I have access to updates for?

Firstly: already-installed software can be used forever, whether you have access to updates or not.

With each purchase, access to personal support and updates to install/update to new releases of WP-Optimize is for 12 months. (As is the case with about 90% of the premium WordPress plugin market).

After 12 months, your license will be automatically renewed (subscription), granting you access to personal support and updates for another 12 months.

To repeat: if you prefer to cancel your subscription before the end of your billing period, then your installed software is unaffected – it will remain installed and you can carry on using it.

How often will I be billed?

Your account will be billed at the end of the current billing period. Currently, all subscriptions are billed annually.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.
Once cancelled, you will no longer be charged at the end of the billing period. Your licenses will expire at the end of the current billing period.

Can I be refunded if I stop using WP-Optimize before my subscription period ends?

All refunds are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please see our refund policy for more information.

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1-2 WordPress websites

Product updates and premium support



3-5 WordPress websites

Product updates and premium support



As many sites as you wish

Product updates and premium support