When does WP-Optimize clear the page cache?

Full cache purge:

  • When changing/updating current themes and parent themes (of child themes)
  • When turning off the cache feature in WP-Optimize
  • When editing widgets
  • When saving the customizer settings
  • When updating a menu
  • When Autoptimize purges its cache

This can be changed by hooking into the filter wpo_purge_cache_hooks. E.g.

// Add a new action that will trigger a cache purge
add_filter( 'wpo_purge_cache_hooks', function( $actions ) {
    $actions[] = 'my_custom_action';
    return $actions;
} );

Partial cache purge:

  • When you publish new content or update/edit existing content, the cache for that post/page will be cleared, as well as associated content (category archives, blog archives)
  • When comments are approved, or their status changes


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