What data do we send to Mailchimp?

We export data for all users who have an getwpo.com account (via a purchase or direct sign-up – you do not have one merely by using the free WP-Optimize plugin) into a Mailchimp account managed by our partner. (You can see details of the strict data processing agreement with our partner here).

Any campaign or multiple-recipient email that we send with Mailchimp goes to a list which is a defined subset of this data. The fields we import into our Mailchimp account are the full name (to allow personal addressing of emails), email address (so that the email can reach the recipient) and purchase history (so that we can create mail-outs that target the desired set of people, e.g. notifying of an important enhancement for a product you have bought, without mailing people who have not bought it).

Under the GDPR right to be forgotten, any user who requests to be forgotten will have their data deleted from our website, which in turn will be deleted automatically from Mailchimp.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

Yes, WP-Optimize Premium subscriptions can be upgraded at any point of the billing period.

To upgrade, log into your account and make a fresh purchase of the package that you wish to upgrade to. Then, add the relevant upgrade coupon at checkout.
The purchase will be discounted by the cost of the original order

Below are the coupon codes when upgrading from a license subscription:

  • fromstarter – upgrading from the 2-site Starter package
  • frombusiness – upgrading from the 5-site Business package
  • fromdeveloper – upgrading from the 20-site Developer package
  • fromultra – upgrading from the 100-site Ultra package

Information about Subscriptions

WP-Optimize Premium is purchased as a subscription. This means that your license will be renewed automatically (and a new order created) at the end of your billing period, unless the subscription is cancelled.

How often will I be billed?
Your account will be billed at the end of the current billing period. Currently, all subscriptions are billed annually.

How is payment taken for repeat orders?
Payment for repeat subscription payments will be processed automatically, using the same payment method.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account page.
Once cancelled, you will no longer be charged at the end of the billing period. Your licenses will expire at the end of the current billing period.

Can I be refunded if I stop using WP-Optimize before my subscription period ends?
All refunds are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Please see our refund policy for more information.

How long will I have access to updates for?

Firstly: already-installed software can be used forever, whether you have access to updates or not.

With each purchase, access to personal support and updates to install/update to new releases of WP-Optimize is for 12 months. (As is the case with about 90% of the premium WordPress plugin market).

After 12 months, your license will be automatically renewed (subscription), granting you access to personal support and updates for other 12 months.

To repeat: if you prefer to cancel your subscription before the end of your billing period, then your installed software is unaffected – it will remain installed and you can carry on using it.

What is your refund policy?

Software: We can consider refunds, at our discretion (i.e. no automatic right), based upon the particular circumstances of your case. In practice, we usually require that you have found a technical fault, and that we are given proper opportunity to verify sufficient information about any faults which you believe you have found (and that they are in WP-Optimize, not something else), and to fix them within a reasonable time period. These must in all circumstances be requested within 10 days of purchase, which we believe is sufficient time to ascertain that a purchase works.

Legalese: There are no automatic refunds for digitally-deliverable/non-tangible goods. This is standard practice in these industries, because such goods cannot be returned (unlike physical goods). It is your responsibility to read the product descriptions, verify that it meets your needs (i.e. it provides a workable solution for you) and is suitable for your product environment (e.g. that your web hosting company does not fail to meet an essential requirement). Please do not treat a purchase as trial-ware – we don’t want to push increased costs onto our genuine customers. EU customers have the legal right to a refund of digital goods which they have not yet downloaded, if requested within 14 days, and such requests will also be honoured.

For separately-purchased support services (i.e. not those bundled with software), for which you purchase support for a specific issue, if your support need turns out to be caused by a WP-Optimize defect, then we will refund you 100% of your purchase price for the support purchase.

No refunds are available for unused support purchases, or for any part of the price of a bundled software+support package (for refund purposes, those are treated as 100% software packages).

These restrictions do not affect your consumer rights. For example, if WP-Optimize’s product description states that it has a feature which in fact it does not have, then you can invoke your consumer rights.

Finally, we reserve the right to, without notice or refund, terminate any ongoing services (including support agreements or update feeds) to customers who abuse our facilities or staff.