New features, fixes and tweaks for WP-Optimize 

WP-Optimize, the WordPress Optimization plugin from UpdraftPlus has a 5-star user rating on the WordPress plugin directory and more than 1 million active installs.

In February and March 2023, we released various features, fixes and tweaks, the most significant of which offers even more optimization opportunities for existing and new customers alike.

Compress image sizes by up to 34%

WP-Optimize 3.2.13 brought new features to users, specifically the ability to convert images in the media library to the WebP format.

This feature was first introduced in 2022 however only new or uncompressed images could previously be converted. Release 3.2.13 means already compressed images can be further compressed with the WebP image format. 

WebP can achieve 26% smaller file sizes compared to PNG and 25–34% smaller file sizes compared to JPEG, and so there are huge gains to be had just by revisiting images in your library and converting them to achieve superior lossless and lossy compression with WebP. 

WebP is available in both the Free and Premium versions of WP-Optimize.

WP-Optimize Free or WP-Optimize Premium?

If you don’t already have a WordPress Optimization Plugin we recommend you get one now.

WP-Optimize has a free version and is easy to use.

It helps speed up your site by cleaning the database, compressing images and caching your site. Optimized websites means higher rankings in Google, a better user experience and therefore improved engagement with your website or business.

For added optimization you may wish to consider an upgrade to WP-Optimize Premium.

You can get a 10% discount for doing so right now, and up until 5 April so it’s a good time to consider giving your WordPress website a turbo boost.

Premium is loaded with added features like Lazy Load where images and videos load gradually as they become visible to the user. This allows a page to load much faster compared to the simultaneous loading of all web parts, without affecting the user experience.

Load webpages faster, identify orphaned images and get premium support.

Get more advanced options too, like the ability to optimize your site using the WP-CLI. Premium is compatible with WordPress multisite, WooCommerce and various other add-ons, including multilingual and multi-currency WordPress plugins.

Why-Optimize Premium?

Get 10% off WP-Optimize Premium

Get 10% off Premium until 5 April with code ‘turboboost23’ at checkout.

In February and March we also brought you

  • Improved compatibility with WP Hide. WP Hide literally hides your WordPress plugins and themes so the code can’t be seen or exploited by malicious users (3.2.11 – Premium only).
  • A fix was applied to ensure nonces are checked correctly. The fix avoids any risk of attackers tricking admin users into changing the configuration of WP-Optimize (3.2.12)
  • A security issue encountered in SimpleHTMLDOM, a third-party library was resolved (3.2.13)
  • Improved compatibility with the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) WordPress plugin (3.2.13)
  • WebP images used in posts or pages were incorrectly being marked as unused which was corrected. WP-Optimize also now recognises where images are used in Yoast SEO, marking these as used (3.2.13)
  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.2 affecting some customers with PHP 8.x was resolved (3.2.14)