New feature – Purge or clear the cache from the page or post edit screen

Purging single pages directly from the post or pages screen allows changes to be reflected in real time for visitors. It’s also more efficient, particularly for large websites where purging the entire cache can be resource intensive and time-consuming.

New feature – Preload single pages for visitors

Preloading involves populating the cache with data even before it is requested. 

With this new feature, performance of specific high-traffic pages can also be optimized by preloading them into the cache, reducing load time and giving users a smoother experience. 

Additional updates include

UI improvements and fixes to a bug which was causing the new WordPress Lightbox feature to function incorrectly with JavaScript minification enabled. This issue affected certain themes, and has now been resolved. URL slugs including non-Latin characters can also now be cached correctly.

The most recent update also includes a number of useful tweaks to enhance functionality and user experience, including better debugging and logging, and improvements to some cron job-related tasks.

For a full list of tweaks and fixes, please see the changelog below:


= 3.3.0 – 31/Jan/2024 =

* FEATURE: Premium – Ability to preload and purge caches from individual post/page

* FIX: Premium – Unused Images – Recognise Elementor’s Container, and Section widget background images

* FIX: Avoid having repeated minified scripts in the same bundle, it breaks the code in some specific cases

* FIX: Cache – TranslatePress compatibility – Post updates purges cache for all related translated languages

* FIX: Only try to parse canonical URLs if there is a path or querystring, needed for WPML with multi-domain compatibility

* TWEAK: Add cron de-scheduling of all wpo_ events during plugin uninstall

* TWEAK: Cache – Always add source code comment about page not being cached, but only add details when WP_DEBUG is ON

* TWEAK: Cache – Fix issue with excluding encoded (non-latin) URLs

* TWEAK: Do not attempt to close browser connection when the context is not an AJAX action

* TWEAK: Minify – Logging more information about why minify static assets cache gets invalidated and regenerated

* TWEAK: Revert to the original matthiasmullie/minify repository after confirming resolution of previous issues

* TWEAK: Setup Cron job to clear failed smush tasks from DB

* TWEAK: Using clear text user agent strings instead of regular expressions to identify web browsers for improved clarity

* TWEAK: Updater library in the Premium version updated to the current release series