The latest update for WP-Optimize 3.1.9 has now been released. As well as lots of fixes and tweaks, there are several new features included. The first of these new features is the ‘Power Tweak’. This Premium feature allows you to change the meta_key field length and create a new index. This can significantly speed up database requests on websites with large post_meta tables. Power tweak works by tweaking the table’s schema to enable indexing. 

The second new feature we have included in this release is the ‘Automatic backups’ feature. When using the new automatic backup feature, users can now use UpdraftPlus during scheduled optimizations. As such, database backups with UpdraftPlus can now run before automatic scheduled database optimization. The third new feature in this update is the ‘Keep last X revision’ update. This feature allows you to delete post revisions, but now gives you the option to keep a specified number of revisions. Before this update, users could only keep revisions by time setting only. This change gives users more flexibility and increased safety when making post revisions. . 

The updates to WP-Optimize 3.1.9 are available now and also includes the following:

  • FEATURE: Power Tweak – Change meta_key field length and create new index
  • FEATURE: Premium – Automatic Backups using UpdraftPlus during scheduled optimizations
  • FEATURE: Keep last X revisions
  • FIX: Overlapping header notice in mobile view
  • FIX: Cache – Wildcard not working in cache exclusions
  • FIX: Prevent error in htaccess when mod_header isn’t available
  • FIX: PHP Fatal error on deleting plugin
  • FIX: PHP 8 Issue: loadAsync JS error
  • FIX: RankMath breaks robots.txt
  • TWEAK: Bypass minify when editing translations using TranslatePress
  • TWEAK: Purge minify cache from front end
  • TWEAK: Minify – Prevent cache directory creation while disabled
  • TWEAK: Add Google Fonts API version 2 support
  • TWEAK: Minify – Save all tab content settings changes with single Click
  • TWEAK: Improved optimization preview
  • TWEAK: Filter the list of preloaded URLs
  • TWEAK: Update seasonal notices
  • TWEAK: Bump WP version requirement to 4.5+

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