We are happy to share with you that WP-Optimize will soon be adding an all new feature to our popular WordPress optimization plugin. In an upcoming release, users will soon be able to use an all-new Minify feature that will help make their websites run even faster.

How does minification work?

The minify process works by removing all the unnecessary characters from a piece of code, such as line breaks, white spaces etc. The minified code still works exactly the same as it did before the minification process, but the files now take up less space due to the removal of unnecessary information. This process has proved to have been very popular when being used on scripts, stylesheets and and other components on your website which can benefit from faster loading times. The Minify feature will further reduce HTTP requests to help speed up your site. This works by merging CSS and Javascript files into a group of files and attempting to use as few of these files as possible.

Our new Minify feature will be simple to use and intuitive. Most users just need to set it to default settings and let it do it’s thing. This new feature will be launched soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in an upcoming release of WP-Optimize


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