Is optimizing my database safe?

Yes; optimizing is perfectly normal and safe. WordPress Optimize does not use any trickery or undocumented dangerous processes.

WordPress Optimize uses database clean-up scripts with well-defined, common MySQL commands. Nevertheless, we always recommend backups, which cover every possibility; not just database malfunctions, but hackers, human errors, etc.

WP-Optimize does not make large savings on my database

This is rare; it’s probably because you’re with a shared web hosting company that doesn’t allow scripts to run an optimize command via SQL statements (SQL “OPTIMIZE” instruction). Please consult your web hosting company on this matter.

What does Optimizing mean?

Over time your WordPress database accumulates extra data such as revisions and spam comments and many more.

Removing this unnecessary data from the database will help reduce your database size and speed up your site.

The process of optimization is the removal of these unwanted/old database entries and the reorganising of the remaining data and associated indexes.