Following the successful launch of the all new WP-Optimize caching feature, we have received a massive amount of amazing positive feedback and reviews. However some have speculated that the optimization plugin would become bloated or buggy due to the expanded nature of it’s performance. We would like to address these concerns and prove to our loyal customers that not only is WP-Optimize now one of the market leaders in WordPress optimization, the performance and speed of WP-Optimize remain as high as ever.

We recently received the following query regarding our update:

The developers decided to fatten the already bloated plugin with page caching because apparently they prefer the ‘we-do-it-all’ approach which of course all too often results in doing nothing well.
o thanks.

This is a legitimate concern and we agree that it’s only worth launching something if we think it will do something at least as well as the alternatives, if not better. There’s no point launching something that’s second best – because why would anyone use it?

So we decided to build the new caching part around the best established caching engine technology we could find, and then spent a couple of years improving it! As a result, our tests of the caching part of the plugin show this rivals or beats every caching plugin currently on the market on caching alone.

Once combined with our database cleaning and image optimization features, WP-Optimize beats all the competition by some margin. In the following example, our test site (which took 4.2s to load without cache), now takes the following time compared to the alternatives when configured:

  • WP-Optimize: 1.7s
  • WP Rocket: 2.0s
  • W3 Total Cache 2.4s

The results show that a site using WP-Optimize is 15% faster than with with WP-Rocket and 30% faster than W3 Total Cache.

We also undertook further testing and comparisons with other caching plugins and have produced the following table. Users can now better understand and see the performance capabilities you can get from using WP-Optimize compared to our rivals.

WP RocketWP
W3 Total Cache
WP Fastest Cache
No Cache
GT Metrix – Page fully
loaded (s) – Canada Server
2 2.4 1.7 4.2
Pingdom – Page fully
loaded (s) – EU Server
2.2 2 1.8 3.2
PageSpeed – Desktop score
PageSpeed – Mobile Score
Page size (MB)

We encourage all users of WP-Optimize you to run your own tests comparing our optimization plugin with the alternatives and share the results with us.


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